Experts say that the word Bar comes from the word barrier, which means barrier. What is meant is that the guests who come to buy and enjoy drinks with the concierge staff – mixing drinks are limited by a barrier commonly called a bar counter, so that guests are not free to enter the place where the officer is. The meaning of the counter itself is a barrier table that limits two rooms, namely the room where the bar clerk works with the room where guests sit and relax while enjoying a drink that is served.

The term bar was originally known in North America in the XVI century. Now the term is becoming popular throughout the world.



A bar is a commercially organized place and is equipped with adequate facilities, both inside a hotel, sometimes standing outside the hotel, where one can get all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks except hot drinks like coffee and tea. The drinks that are provided and sold at the Bar are mainly alcoholic drinks. Only bars near the harbor sometimes also provide ice cream and coffee. Coffee is provided for drunk people, both sea and air.

Bars usually have dim and dim rooms, only providing and selling a few snacks or snacks.

In short, a bar can be said as follows: A bar is a counter where alcoholic beverages are served: a company that serves alcoholic drinks as its main business.



Apart from being a complementary facility for guests who visit, which are sometimes operated together with restaurants, bars are also a significant supplier of income and profits for the hotel.

Bar in a Hotel provides, sells, serves all kinds of drinks for guests, both those who come directly to the Bar, restaurant, or who order from the rooms in the hotel where they stay (Room Service).

Bars are generally open from 10:00 am to 01:00 after midnight, depending on the function and location of the Bar. According to its function, the Bar can be distinguished between Service Bar and Public Bar.

What is meant by the Service Bar is a bar that is generally located in a Hotel, where the Bartenders are not directly related to the guests, sometimes even – sometimes not seen by guests. Drink messages must be made through waiters. This Bar only serves drinks orders through restaurants, banquets, and rooms (Room Service).

Whereas what is meant by Public Bar is a bar that is inside a Hotel or outside the Hotel (Stand Alone), the location is visible to guests, and guests can meet and order drinks to the bartender or drink gatherer. In this Bar, tables and chairs are provided as befits a restaurant. The bar clerk has the opportunity to communicate directly and intimately with guests.

The sale of drinks at the Bar, especially alcoholic drinks, whether served straight (directly, without a mixture) or in the form of mixed drinks, cocktails, high ball, and so on, is very profitable for entrepreneurs or bar owners. Sometimes the profits are far greater than the profits derived from selling food in restaurants. Guests or buyers are met their needs and desires, and they can unwind, relieve tension by relaxing in the Bar, enjoying a favorite drink while enjoying the music.

In the dispenser bar, which is a bar that is generally located in a restaurant that distributes wine sales, in addition to other alcoholic drinks, which are served to guests while they enjoy food, the profits obtained by the businessman are quite large.

A bar that can be operated inside a hotel, inside a restaurant, outside a hotel or restaurant, even inside a household as a private bar. To attract visitors in general, the Bar is equipped with various kinds of entertainment, accompaniment music or other performances.


Appropriate and professional service for alcoholic beverages is becoming increasingly important since many restaurants trade, sell, and serve these types of drinks to meet the demands of guest satisfaction and also to increase profits.

In the restaurant business, beverage services, especially alcoholic drinks, are very profitable. Many restaurants serve alcoholic drinks as ingredients of complete dining service. Even in some places, the sale of drinks is the most important part of the business place.

The waiters, both waiters, waitresses, and wine waiters, are required to be able to present alcoholic drinks appropriately and professionally, including having to know various kinds of mixed drinks, cocktails, and so on, so that the waitresses can provide appropriate suggestions to guests.