Several different places function or the main purpose is to sell alcoholic drinks. In the United States, the place that most commonly sells alcoholic drinks is called a Bar. In England, it is usually called Pub, which is short for Public House. The Pub is equipped with an elongated counter where drinks are distributed or served to guests.


Tavern: the term for an old-fashioned hotel that is still used for a company/place that serves alcoholic drinks, usually at a residence or industrial area.

Night Club: a place that is both outsides and inside a commercially organized hotel, where alcoholic beverages and food are also served, dinner with excellent service, luxurious decoration, accompanied by music / other entertainment provided for guests who want to enjoy the nightlife.

Poll side Bar: Minibar located in the swimming pool area, provided for swimming pool visitors, which serves snacks (snacks and sandwiches) and soft drinks. Such as soft drinks, beer, tea, coffee, milk, and also various kinds of ice cream. Do not sell drinks with high alcohol content.

Espresso Bar: This bar is also available at air and seaports, which sell a variety of drinks. Here, what is emphasized is the sale of coffee and ice cream.

Restaurants and bars: Usually, in big cities, the shape and situation are like a restaurant, the equipment is more complete and luxurious. There are a piano and bass guitar to accompany guests who are eating and drinking. Drink supplies are complete, especially wine and champagne.

American Bar: The shape is a little smaller than restaurants and bars. All kinds of drinks are available, usually visited by many foreigners or tourists who are traveling around the world. Inside this bar, there is a place for dancing, dancing stage.

Main Bar: The main bar with its own place, usually the room is closed, served by the bar staff themselves (bar waiter and bar waitress) or sometimes by the bartender. The clerk can have a direct and close dialogue with the guests, a bar like this is a place of information or sales information directly. Guests can enjoy drinks in a relaxed manner because the place and the lighting are deliberately made dim, romantic while enjoying music.

Cocktail Lounge: Sometimes called the Lounge Bar. In general, elongated broad place. The environment is more comfortable than a normal bar. Guests are served by bar staff, such as bar waiters, bar waitresses, and sometimes the bartender himself. Everything is almost the same as a minibar.

Portable Bar: This bar is very practical because it can be moved especially for garden parties, room cocktail parties, barbecues, outside catering, and cocktail parties for state banquet events, served by one or two assisted bartenders. By the waiter room service to serve drinks.

Home bar or Private bar: Bars in the homes of rich people. The drinks are generally prepared, made by the host, or by the guests themselves. Usually, the drinks available are not as complete as at the bar.

These places are centers for the sale or supply of various alcoholic drinks.