Red wine becomes one of exclusive alcoholic beverage that mostly you can find in any bar, pub, or club. But, do you know how to serve it properly? Because of its exclusivity, red wine and white wine have different method to enjoy.

red wine

This is how to serve a glass of red wine, and the procedure is as follows:

  • When carrying a guest shirt wine bottle, the bottle should not be turned upside down or shaken.
  • Bring the wine bottle in the same position as it was stored to avoid mixing sediment with the wine.
  • Store and place wine basket on gueridon with other tools.
  • The wine label should face upwards, towards the guest. Take the basketball wine containing the red wine bottle, show the guest to allow the ordering guest to inspect the wine bottle before opening. This is necessary to prevent voids or order cancellations because of misheard or lack of understanding when guests order it to the waiter or captain.
  • Show the wine bottle to the host or guest who ordered by showing the bottle with the label facing the guest.
  • The left-hand holds the bottleneck while the right-hand holds the bottle buttocks. Open the bottle of wine with the bottle still inside the basket wine. Cut a layer of lead which is curled under the lip of the bottle.
  • Work carefully and carefully. Remember not to shake the bottle because the sediment will mix with the wine.
  • Place the tin layer above the bread & butter plate
  • To make it look clean and attractive, and also to prevent dirt from entering the bottle, after the lead lining that closes the bottle is opened, wipe the tip of the bottle with a napkin and then carefully insert the corkscrew into the cork. Insert the corkscrew into the middle cork cover, rotating it upright as deep as possible into the cork.
  • Lift the cork cover gently, slowly, but surely, do not lift it by surprise because it will cause the wine to spurt out.
  • If we open it with an old corkscrew that is simple in shape, after we pull the corkscrew to remove the cork, then when the cork basket is still in the bottle approximately one centimeter left, we pull the cork carefully by hand to carefully avoid shocks that can make the wine squirt. Remove the cork lid with your left hand holding the basketball wine firmly.
  • Kiss the cork lid after removing it from the bottle 3 to 4 cm from the nose.
  • Place the cork lid on a stainless mat or bread & butter plate that has been covered with a small paper napkin.
  • Give the cork lid to the guest who is ordering or hosting from the right-hand side. Give the guest a chance to check and smell or smell the bottle cap.
  • After the guest smells the cork of the bottle cover, store the cork in the wine basket.
  • Clean the lips of the wine bottle with a napkin. We better use a paper napkin to clean the lips of the bottle because napkin, especially those that are white when exposed to wine, will be difficult to clean.
  • If necessary, after the red wine is opened, leave it for a moment to give the wine a chance to breathe / compound with oxygen in the air.
  • Pour a little red wine into the glass of the host or guest who ordered to be tested/tasted in advance.
  • Pour from the right of the guest by lifting the wine glass with his left hand.
  • The guest or host will taste the wine that has been poured into the glass to find out the condition of the wine he ordered. After the host says okay, we say thank you. Or can we also ask beforehand whether the wine is good enough?
  • Serve the wine starting with the women first or the person sitting to the right of the guest acting as the host, then walking around counter-clockwise. The host is the last to be served.
  • Store back the basketball wine that still contains the wine above the gueridon with the label on the top facing the host. But it can also be basket wine was placed on the guest table to the right of the host.

white wine

How to serve a glass of white wine:

Keep in mind that you have to serve cold white wine, the wine glass must remain left on the table, not be lifted. White wine is served in a very cold state. The procedure for serving white wine is slightly different from red wine. Previously, we had to check the tools we were going to use if everything was completely available on gueridon. These tools are as follows:

  • Wine cooler
  • Wine stand or wine cooler or base for napkin coated white wine bottles.
  • Napkin linen
  • Paper napkin
  • Silver underliner or bread & butter plate
  • Corkscrew

white wine

Take a bottle of white wine from a wine cooler to show to guests who order, and this is how:

  • Fold the clean and tidy napkin into a square, and then hold it with your right hand.
  • We hold the white wine bottle on the neck with our left hand, and we lift it from inside the cooler and the bottoms of the bottle we hold with our right hand that rests napkin so that the water does not drip onto the floor or the guest table.
  • Show the bottle to guests, with the label facing the guest
  • Give the guest a chance to check the wine bottle if it is what he intended.
  • Put the wine bottle back into the wine cooler. The position of the bottle in the wine cooler should be the mouth of the bottle away from the host so that the host can see the bottle label.
  • Cut the lead layer that covers the lip of the bottle with a knife found on the corkscrew. Cut the lead layer just below the protruding lip of the bottle.
  • Clean the lip of the bottle with a linen napkin.
  • Insert the corkscrew as deep as possible. Place the fulcrum or the point of the corkscrew dock on the lip of the bottle to make it easier to pull out the bottle cap.
  • Remove the cork cover carefully and never do it hard because the wine might shoot out.
  • Stop pulling the corkscrew if the cork lid remains 1 or 2 cm in the bottle.
  • Hold the bottle or neck and pull the lid of the cork while turning it slightly by hand.
  • Kiss the cork lid 2 or 3 cm from the nose.
  • Put the cork lid on the bread & butter plate covered by a paper napkin.
  • Give the lid to the cork guest who ordered from the right side of the guest.
  • Clean the bottle’s lips once again with a paper napkin.
  • Fold napkin linen neatly into squares to wrap wine bottles. Remember that do not let the napkin linen cover the wine label.
  • Hold the bottle wrapped in a napkin with the label facing the guest.
  • Pour a little wine into the host’s glass to try.
  • The host will taste the wine to find out the conditions. After the host agrees, say thank you.
  • Pour into guest glasses from the right side. After all the guests are served with the right procedure, then we pour the wine into the glass of the host.