As long as we know, people remember us as the “miracle on 7th street” on Washington D.C area.

Maybe because, we only serve something luxurious that not every bars have it like we provide.

In this world, there are many types of drinks. because so many mixed drinks are grouped into several types.

Well. let’s study each of the following mixed drinks that we serve:


1. Tropical Drinks

Tropical drinks are drinks that are dominated by fruit and sour flavors. Tropical drinks are usually a mixture of sour, such as: sour mix, lemon juice, and drinks that contain alcohol in this type of mixed drink more than one type.

2. Shooter

This mixed drink is almost the same as a cocktail. The difference is that the shooter contains a lot of alcohol, and it could also be that 1 drink of this type only consists of a mixture of alcoholic drinks, so this drink is very intoxicating, and this drink is usually used for drinking competitions in bars abroad such as America.

Shooter served in small size, in a shot glass or glass measuring 1-2 oz. Shooter can be made with the methods of shaking, preparing, mixing, and stirred.

3. Martini

This type of mixed drink is usually dominated by dry vermouth and vodka or gin, but now this type of mixed drink has been made in such a way as with other beverage mixes using a little dry vermouth. This type of mixed drink was created in 1870 in Martinez, California.

4. Rickey

Is one type of mixed drink that is almost the same as the type of highball mixed drinks. The basic ingredients are spirit, lime juice, and soda water. Sometimes this type of mixed drink does not add sugar or use a little sugar. Actually the material that is suitable for this type of drink is Bourboun Whiskey.

5. Jello Shot

Jello Shot is a type of mixed drink using gelatin (gelatin), liqueur, spirit (such as vodka, rum, grain alcohol, and tequila).

All gelatin flavors can be used according to the spirit or liquor used. Jello Shot only contains 30% alcohol.

6. Frappe

Is a type of cold mixed drinks with the blended method (blend). This drink is the most popular Europe and America. This drink is actually made for summer with a sweet, fresh, and very cold taste. In North America, Milkshakes are used in making this beverage. Frappe can be added with coffee, milkshakes, alcoholic drinks (spirit, liquor, etc) and cream so that it fulfills the character of frappe which is thick.

7. Cobbler

is a mixed drink made from spirit, sugar, and fresh fruit (the original recipe is using wine). This drink has been around since the 1830s. The most famous Cobbler is: Sherry Cobbler. Cobbler is a type of mixed drink that has a characteristic sweet and fresh taste.

8. Eggnog

is a mixed drink made from eggs. Eggnog is usually mixed with alcoholic drinks (such as Brandy and Rum) as well as non-alcoholic drinks (such as milk, juice).

9. Hot Drink

This mixed drink is made from hot coffee, usually served in winter. Besides this drink is also suitable after eating (after dinner drink). Hot drinks are usually mixed with liquor, such as: Amaretto, Bailey’s Irish Crème, and Grand Marnier.

10. Long Drink

As a companion can also be served a small portion of onion beans, potato chips, cassava chips, or fried anchovies.



In making a mixing drink, first take ingredients with a low cost so that if you make a mistake, you can start again with a lost drink.

How do you float brandy or liqueur?


To make the brandy float above the crème de menthe or another liqueur, tilt the glass slightly, insert the teaspoon with the back or the butt of the spoon faced up, and pour the brand slowly over the entire surface. To make a six-color pausse café, first enter 1/6 Oz grenadine. Add the stir bar, usually using a teaspoon or a long bar spoon. After that, pour into the surface of the teaspoon whose butt is facing up carefully. The elements are as follows:

  • 1/6 Oz creme de cacao
  • 1/6 Oz crème de mente
  • 1/6 Oz Maraschino
  • 1/6 Oz crème Y’vette
  • The top one is cognag

Wipe the top lip of the bottle with wax paper when opening the cognag to prevent it from dripping. Further prevention so that whiskey does not spill when poured is to move a little shock towards the right or left with the lip of the bottle a little more elevated from the butt. When opening the soda, tilt the bottle to preserve the sparkle.

Use salt and water to wash beer glass. Soap water will cause the cognag beer to unfavorable condition which might result in flatten beer, where the beer is not bubbly. It is wise to wet the beer glass with ice before pouring the beer to prevent the beer from becoming flat.

To open a dark red wine bottle, so that the sediment does not interfere, or to open a stubborn cork or cork bottle cap, squeeze the neck of the bottle under a protruding circle with the clasp of the bottle and connect it to the base and heat it for about ½ minute. After that, wrap the neck of the bottle with a cloth soaked in cold water. The cork or cork lid from the bottle will jerk out by itself.

Do not fill the wine glass whose contents stay ½ glass of cold white wine with white wine that has not been cold because it will reduce the enjoyment and freshness of the wine. It is not wise to decant two different types of red wine by using one decanter because the second wine can lose the true taste of the wine

Keep in mind that to separate the egg white from the yolk, which is when you want to make a cocktail, it should be done in a practical, agile but flexible way. Crack the egg by hitting the center on the edge of the glass and then dividing the two with the same part and removing the yolk from one part of the skin, transfer it to the other skin so the egg white comes out and goes into the space provided underneath.


To make a cocktail or mixed drink, the egg is always put into the mixing glass first before liquor because if the egg is in bad condition, we still have a chance to discard the egg and replace it with a good one before we pour spirits into the mixing glass.

What is meant by the frosted glass is a glass that is made very cold. The glasses for the frosted drink are stored in the refrigerator or immersed in fine ice. For sugar frosted glass, moisten the edge of the glass with a piece of lime before it cools. Immerse the glass into a large bowl filled with flour sugar. Do this twice and then tap to release the excess.

All cocktails must be filtered before serving. Use a wire strainer, not a silver strainer. The ideal filter used at home is one of which uses tongs and let the wire cross over the glass. The filter is mounted on the shaker with the thumb at the top. Hold it steady with the other finger holding the bottom.

Sugar or syrup is always put in the shaker before liquor. Flour sugar is used in recipes in other circumstances. Normal syrup is not recommended, except according to the type or usefulness. Flour sugar can dissolve quickly and cause a slightly bitter taste in the cocktail. Always provide regular syrup, not only under certain circumstances. When making Old Fashioned, prepare and store or put what will be served in the refrigerator about one

hours before serving. When the time comes to be served, then just add whiskey. Drinks will taste better, comfortable and fresh when the glass and fruit or juices are really cold. For frosted mint yulep or very cold Mint Yulep, prepare the ingredient in the glass with ice cube crumbs, keep the glass in soft ice and stir until the glass is really cold.